3 Quick and Easy Must-Try Mango Recipes


It is the season of fresh juicy Mangoes! To celebrate the same, I have enlisted three simple DIY recipes that you can try at your home.

Mango Ice-Cream



Fresh Cream, Mango, Condensed Milk, Vanilla Essence


Whip the cream till small peaks are formed. Maxi cold mango pulp and condensed milk in a separate container. Mix this mixture with whipped cream and add vanilla essence. Mix and place the container in the freezer.

Mango Lassi



Yogurt, Mango, Sugar, Cardamom, ice


In a mixer grinder, mix cardamom, mango, sugar, ice and yogurt. Taste the sugar level with a spoon, add more if needed. Serve cold!

Spicy Mango Salsa



3 ripe Mangoes, 1 red bell pepper, 1 onion, 1 Jalapeno, 1 lemon, fresh coriander leaves, salt to taste


Chop the fruits and vegetables in small neat cubes and toss with freshly cut coriander leaves, lime juice and salt.

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