Trend Spotted: Statement Sleeves


We’ve all experienced our share of arm envy, often assuming that great arms are attributed to hours logged at the gym. While that certainly is one way to go about it, you can also play around with different types of sleeves. Surprised? Thanks to a few silhouette tricks, it’s possible to fool the eye into seeing a thinner, more toned arm.

Check out the following sleeve types to amp your styling game-


Bell Sleeves – These can be either long or short as they flare toward the bottom hem. They help balance out a bulky upper body and are also great for shrinking shoulders that are broad.



Boxy Sleeves – Loose short sleeves that resemble a box are referred to as boxy sleeves. The proportions of a boxy top with loose sleeves will help to create the appearance of thinner arms by comparison.



Cap Sleeves – Cap sleeves are very short in length and they cover only the shoulder and do not enlarge at the armpit level. They are worn to give a sleeveless look while balancing out broad shoulders.



Kimono Sleeves – Borrowed from the traditional Japanese garment, Kimono sleeves have a wide sloping shape. As the name suggests, it is worn to give a kimono or cape type effect to an outfit. It helps balancing out heavy upper body and arms.



Bishop Sleeves – The Bishop Sleeve is a large sleeve which is fuller at the bottom than the top and gathered at the cuff. It gives a bohemian look to an outfit and is used for dramatic effect.



Ruffle Sleeves – Ruffle Sleeves are young, fun and attention-loving. Whether you choose ruffles that completely cover the sleeves or ones that are inserted, these sleeves are all the statement you need this summer.



Cold Shoulder Sleeves – Cold shoulder designs feature a flash of skin just on the tops of the arms. Apart from being practical, the style is gorgeous and is a hot favourite among women looking for trendy ways to appear slim and stylish.



Puffy Sleeves – Puffy sleeves are named for the way the sleeves extend out in round puffs around the upper arms or at the shoulders. They draw attention to the shoulders and away from the bottom region and are perfect for pear-shaped women.



Sleeveless – It’s entirely possible to go sleeveless while still flattering your arms. Try a V neck sleeveless top to highlight your collarbones and neckline and draw attention away from your arms.



Three Quarter Sleeves – For a look of long, slim arms, these type of sleeves are your best bet. In fact, 3/4 sleeves are the most flattering because they highlight the wrists while concealing the upper arms, creating a slimming look.

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