What type of a friend are you?

We all have a group of friends that we can’t live without. Each friend is unique and special in their own way. Most girl squads can be divided into some basic friend personalities. Read on to find out what type of a friend are you?

The Foodie

We all have that one friend who lives on foodgasm. The one who never says no to food and is ready with a list of new food places to try. This kinda friend always has a case of the munchies and just can’t resist the ‘f’ word.

The Diva

Not sure what all to wear for your next vacation or even to the next party you plan on letting your hair down at? There’s always the fashionista friend to the rescue. This squad member is always up to date with the latest trends and she has the prettiest clothes. You will find her wearing a duster coat right now coz that’s “So Hot Gal!”

The Day Dreamer

There’s always one who is lost in her own world mostly. She is dreamy and believes in fairy tales and unicorns. She loves sleeping in and can easily sleep 24 hours straight and then sleep again at night too, without any issues. 

The Tom Boy

All girl squads are incomplete without a tomboy. She is sporty and is always up for an outdoor game or even an adventure. She wears sneakers throughout the year and gives boys a run for their money when it comes to sports. Need a spot of tough love? She’s your go-to gal.

The Hopeless Romantic

Don’t know how to approach that really cute guy? Can’t find the confidence to even speak to him? Let the love guru guide you through it. Every group has that one girl who is completely smitten in love and is more than willing to help you out. 

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