Stylize your Little Black Dress

We all have that one Little Black Dress, and now it’s time to spice it up for all sorts of occasions. You can dress it up for a formal dinner or dress it down for a casual Sunday outing. It’s the ultimate basic staple to have in your wardrobe!



  1. Belt it

Create waist definition or add a pop of colour by adding a belt to your little black dress.



  1. Wear it with Sneakers

Give your feet a rest and this chic look a chance. Contrary to popular belief, sneakers look best with dresses, especially the black number.



  1. Throw a Jacket over it

Ten times cooler than a pashmina or worn-in office cardigan, a jacket will make the whole day-to-evening-to-dance-floor transition a big hit.



  1. Choker Charm

The most darling way to doll up an LBD is to wear a choker with it. The addition of this eye-catching charm will give your LBD a new lease on life.



  1. Try on some Boots

A quick way to make any cocktail dress look younger and hipper is by pairing it up with a nice pair of boots.



  1. Accessorize

Update your LBD with glitzy, eye-catching earrings, necklaces and bracelets to add on some serious doze of bling. Also, carry an interesting bag to add onto the drama.



  1. Style with a Button Down under it

For a schoolgirl-inspired look, layer a button-down underneath your trusty LBD. It also gives a very formal look if you are looking for something 9 to 9.


  1. Get your toes in Tights

Whether your black dress is sleek or frilly, kick up its volume by adding a pair of creative tights, in black, of course.



  1. Party with Prints

Have fun playing around with different prints that you can add to your basic black staple. Our personal favourite is the floral print.



  1. Play around with Scarf

A simple scarf is enough to style things up! Add on the scarf in different creative ways to yur dress to add on a pop of colour and jazz.

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