4 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Style Your Paper Bag Waist Bottoms

Love your denim? Honestly, they can be boring at times. What’s the solution, you ask? Go for a pair of paper-bag waist trousers that not just look staggeringly stylish, but also make you feel uber-comfortable. This trend made a major comeback this season and looks deceptively flattering. Style these baggy pants right and get yourself a dramatic look that works effortlessly from day to night.
Here are a few pointers on how to pull off your paper-bag waist trousers, without looking like you tried too hard:

  1. The Tight Turtleneck

    Want the waist to be in focus, without adding more bulkiness to your look? Opt for a fitted crop top, like the classic turtleneck style. This will be an excellent choice when paired up with the voluminous pants.
  2. The Relaxed T-Shirt

    If you prefer street-style look, then turtlenecks are definitely not for you. Instead, play up on the androgynous factor of these paper-bag waist pants by pairing them with a relaxed tee.
  3. The Boxy Blazer

    When it comes to styling your flared and flowy trousers, contrast is definitely the key. Give the look a bit of an edge by throwing on a boxy blazer!
  4. High Heels

    A pair of high heels would work as the perfect partner to a pair of wide-leg trousers, especially if you’re on the petite side. They’ll not only add a hint of sexiness but also balance out the silhouette.


Picture Credits: Pinterest

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