Things you should NOT do on First Date


So, you have finally managed to score a date after weeks of texting and harmless flirting. You are nervous yet excited. Before you start wondering if things could go long-term, you will need to know the basics. Here are the five things you should NOT do to ensure that your crush agrees to a second date.

Do not be late


Being fashionably late sounds good to the ears, but turning up late on the very first date shows that you do not care and have no idea how to manage time.


Do not order messy foods


A greasy dish off the menu may seem like comfort food to break the ice, but avoid messy foods like burgers, pancakes or spaghetti. You will probably be nervous, so there are chances of spilling food.

Do not get drunk


The difference between a second date and getting blocked is one too many glasses. Do not be THAT guy or girl.

Do not talk about your ex


Talking about your ex means that you have not moved on and are looking for a rebound. It also implies how you are going to treat this date should things not work out.

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