10 Different Types of Travelers

Travel means different things to different people. For some, it can be a journey of self-discovery, for others a broadening of cultural horizons or even a culinary quest. We can all agree that travelling is the best form of rejuvenation and re-invention for the urban-dwelling, perpetually stressed, jaded souls that we’ve morphed into. Here, we’ve identified the 10 kinds of traveler categories that we all fall into –


These are the travelers who can travel through time and space through images. They travel to take panoramic, mind blowing pictures. Their main aim to travel is to take photographs and Instagram them into beautiful stories.


These are people who have set out for gourmet expeditions in search of oh-so-scrumptious food. These travelers indulge in different cuisines and travel across the globe to satiate their soul with food.


Travelers traveling for worship or visiting the sacred lands of their respective gods and goddesses are the pilgrims. In India itself, a huge chunk of tourists are pilgrims.

Nature Lovers§

Travelers who enjoys spending time in the countryside and observing the flora, fauna and the natural beauty of mother earth.

Culture Seekers§

Some of the world’s most awe-inspiring sites are repositories of history and culture. Different cultures present their own gallery of experiences. Travelers attracted to such spots are called Culture Seekers.

Art Buffs§

Travelers who appreciate art and travel to seek the same fall under this category.


Seekers of hitherto unexplored and unchartered territories are modern day explorers. Whether it’s living with the natives in South America, or exploring New Zealand’s maori roots, explorers shy away from urban city locales, and seek to expand their world-view with indigenous, non-mainstream experiences.

Fashion Traveler§

Such type of travelers look for fashion brands and stores like FabAlley around the world. They pick clothes and accessories that make them stand apart from the rest. They travel to be inspired for fresh fashion and observe various street styles.


Women travelers are often traveling to different parts of the globe for one thing and one thing only – Shopping!! Solo female travelers are a major segment of travelers in the current decade. Their hunt for the perfect dress or top never ends!


An epic journey is often one that involves adventure. And there’s plenty of that to be had in different parts of the world. Adventurers seek out such expeditions and enjoying the same gives them the thrill and adrenaline rush.


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